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• 1/13/2019

Rinne Roleplay

Rinne: Shoma, where are you?

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• 6/13/2018

40 years of manga drawing

On that day 40 years ago began Rumiko Takahashi's professional career.
I not only praise her for her hard work but for her genius
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• 12/13/2017

The manga has ended

It makes me cry tears of blood, although we get Rinne and Sakura hug. I'm gonna start writing datas about the characters' latest and last actions, and synopsis of Volume 40's chapters. Then... who knows?
Thank you Rumiko Takahashi for this amazing masterpiece, I hope it gets more popular.
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• 11/26/2017

Sad News

It's terrible, it's awful, it's to cry blood. Kyoukai no Rinne is about to end with 398 chapters.
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• 11/21/2017

Latest Chapters

Has anybody red the latest chapters in Japanese? Starting chapter 389, a long story occurs (haven't had long stories for a while) and it shows some interesting development between Rinne and Sakura sharing string bracelets each featuring a special stone from Kyoukai, with intense cliffhangers at the end of each chapter.
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• 8/21/2017

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• 6/2/2017

Sorry for disappearing

Sorry for not helping lately. I only follow the anime and I'be been delayed in all anime I watch, so by the time I have info to put up here someone else already did. lol
Maybe I'll start the KNR manga, but I already have loads of manga in which I'm delayed too. xD
I'm trying to catch up with everything, which would probably be easier if I didn't keep getting distracted with YouTube. lol
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• 8/28/2016


Episode 1:
I need to know which of these boy and their voice actors. I look up at MyAnimelist and Anime News Network and don't have pictures of characters. I dont know which one of voice acters.
Three boys voiced by: Katsuhiro Tokuishi, Yûki Yonai and Yoshiki Nakajima.
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• 5/20/2016

I'm moving

(reposting this in all wikis and other sites where I’m more or less active while I still have the time)
So, I’m moving to another state. I’m only leaving on sunday, but starting from today until some days after I and my family get to our new home, I won’t have internet in my house anymore. I just really wanted to let people know why I’m inactive.
My internet will stop working in less than an hour from now.
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