Cat-Eared Damashigami (ネコミミだまし神 Nekomimi Damashigami) is a Damashigami. She's an anime-only character.


She has pink short hair, amber eyes and cat ears. She wears a collar around her neck just like a cat.


She disguised herself as a human woman, and spread a rumor about the shrine that keeps the two Bakanekos Toramaru and Akamaru sealed, in hope to tempt someone to open it. Four boys eventually ended up busting the shrine for curiosity of what was inside, and the two Bakenekos escaped and trapped them inside. When Rinne manages to lure them back to the shrine, she appears and causes Rinne to be trapped along with them, and laments having lost the four boys who were suddenly released. She was about to fly away with the shrine, but Tsubasa stops her and destroys the shrine, freeing Rinne and the Bakenekos. She tells the Bakenekos to attack Rinne and Tsubasa, but they wouldn’t listen to her, and after Tsubasa makes the Bakenekos pass on, Rinne uses his Fire Wheel on her. She reports her failure to her boss at the Damashigami Company, and reveals that the Shinigami who interfered has red hair like him.