Naggy (怒りっぽいです Okorippoi desu) is the 13th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


In his second attempt to make Rinne inherit the Damashigami company, Sabato sends his beautiful secretary whose identity causes Ageha to be disillusioned and Sakura’s misunderstanding to hardly get clear.

Plot Overview

Sakura Mamiya is walking home from school when she becomes pursued by a large number of spirits. They ask her for a large fee to go to the afterlife and turn out to be damashigami. Before they could take her to the afterlife, Rinne arrives and fends them off.

Then Sabato's mysterious secretary arrives with a ¥1 million engagement ring for Sakura. She reveals that they had been spying on her and deemed her a worthy bride for Rinne, intending for them to take over the damashigami company. Sakura turns the ring down, saying she is only Rinne's classmate. With Rinne dejected and left with the bill for the ring, Ageha arrives to attack the Damashigami. She throws a coin at the secretary's glasses, causing them to break and reveal that she is Ageha's missing sister, Bijin. Sabato also shows up, and in her shock Ageha finally puts the pieces together linking her sister's boyfriend to the damashigami and his relation to Rinne. Sabato and his secretary flee with Ageha, Rinne, Sakura and Rokumon in pursuit.

In the afterlife, Ageha is tricked and falls into a trap so Rinne goes back to save her. She is conned repeatedly, going far as to spend large sums of money and frustrating Rinne to no end. Down at the netherworld market, damashigami continue to try tricking Sakura into accepting the engagement ring, even dressing up as Rinne and swarming her. She foils all of their plans and Rokumon asks for her feelings on Rinne. Sakura says she has no feelings, to which Rokuman says it's natural considering how poor he is.

Meanwhile Rinne again saves Ageha, this time from a giant, oni-like creature with a water spout and a ¥1 million bounty. Ageha is relieved to be saved and embraces Rinne from behind as Sakura and Rokumon arrive, causing her to get the wrong idea again.

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  • Chapter 38
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  • Chapter 40



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