Target: Sakura (対象:さくら Taishō: Sakura?) is the 25th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


Sakura receives a candy from Tamako, that makes her stop seeing spirits. This includes Rinne, who now has to protect her from a horde of evil spirits.

Plot Overview

Sakura is walking towards school when she spots Rinne and Tamako talking in the sky. Tamako then gives Sakura a candy that supposedly stops her from seeing spirits and she eats it.

Later, she and her friends visit a haunted well, where Rinne saves her from several spirits, but she doesn't notice. The evil spirits are participating in a Grand Prix where they must curse the first person to have starred at the unsealed well, which is Sakura. She is safe inside her room because of her exorcism hourglass. Rinne tries to defeat as many spirits as possible, but there are thousands and he can't get them all.

At school, Tsubasa fires at a swarm of evil spirits following Sakura, and she asks whether something was there. She's happy that she can be normal at last, unaware of the danger. Rinne tries to find her, but he misses her and has to go back to fighting the spirits. Rinne continues to miss class due to fighting all the enemies around Sakura, and Tsubasa pities him because she doesn't know how hard he's working.

Tamako takes a hair from Sakura and puts it into a decoy doll, which will take the form of Sakura and trap any spirit that touches it. Tsubasa saves the doll from attack, not knowing it was a replica, and Rinne hits him. Sakura and her friends only see Tsubasa talking to himself next to the doll, and some misunderstanding occurs. He carries it away and eventually they are convinced by Tsubasa that the doll was owned by Rinne for perverted reasons.

Sakura, after the extended absence, visits Rinne's home to check on him. There, Rinne defeats the last spirit, still unseen. She remembers something before leaving, and goes back only to trip over Rinne. Sakura finally notices him, and she returns the pouch of candies to  give back to Tamako. She also makes a bento for Rinne as thanks and he eats it happily.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 99
  • Chapter 100
  • Chapter 101


  • For being the first season's finale:
    • Sakura's ¥500 coin given to Rinne in the opening is gold.
    • The final scene of the ending shows Rinne, Sakura, Rokumon Tsubasa and Ageha make salute gestures.
  • Season 2 is announced after the episode.


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