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Black Cat Oboro (黒猫朧 Kuro Neko Oboro?) is the 26th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime, and the 1st episode of the second season.


Ageha's black cat Oboro emerges, and he wants revenge on his master.

Plot Overview

As Ageha goofs off in Rinne’s shabby dwelling, Sakura finds Rinne catching snake spirits. Returning to Rinne’s home, they find Ageha has been attacked and his room full of snake spirits. Rinne captures the culprit, a teenage black cat named Oboro. He’s angry with his master, Ageha, for abandoning him and generally abusing him over the years. As such, he wants revenge and to be freed from his contract. Ageha has no intentions of freeing Oboro and is determined to make Oboro pay according to the terms of the contract. That night, Oboro tells Rokumon the story of his past with Ageha, going back to when both were kids.

The following day, Rinne is in pursuit if a giant mongoose spirit as Ageha lays a trap for Oboro. The trap snags both Oboro and the mongoose, the later becoming enraged as the trap is on the mongoose’s nose. Ageha has Oboro follow her to get the mongoose where it eventually eats Ageha. She sends two message tubes, one to Rinne asking for help and one to Oboro, containing his contract and setting him free. Oboro thinks this is a setup and goes after Ageha as does Rinne, who finds her in an expensive emergency shelter. Oboro arrives, breaking into the shelter along with Tsubasa and Sakura. Ageha’s “honeymoon” plans with Rinne foiled, she apologizes to Oboro, but refuses to do it again, causing the two to fight as Ageha will never release Oboro. The two get punished by Tamako for the problems they caused.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 87
  • Chapter 88
  • Chapter 89
  • Chapter 90


  • Oboro makes his debut.


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