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The Clubhouse Phantom (クラブ棟の怪 Kurabu Tō no Kai?) is the 3rd episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


Sakura learns further about Rinne and his grandmother and comes across a peculiar cat, who wanders around an abandonned club building at school.

Plot Overview

Sakura is puzzled over Rinne’s claim to be both Shinigami and human. For his part, Rinne gets a request about romance as well as a ¥5 coin, but this is beyond the scope of his job as a shinigami. When Sakura inquires about Rinne being human and shinigami, Rinne explains that his grandmother (Tamako) is a pure shinigami who fell in love with a human male, managing to get his life extended by 50 years. Rinne’s grandfather recently passed away, and that is who Rinne had been living with. Meanwhile, Sakura’s friend Miho reports that the club building has a hinotama spirit and asks Sakura to come with her to check into it. The two plus Rika come to the building, were a giant cat spirit (bakeneko) reveals itself, scaring Sakura’s friends. Rinne chases it off as Sakura wonders what is going on.

Sakura rescues an injured kitten, taking it home and feeding it. However, when she steps out of her room for a moment, the kitten flees with the rice bowl given it. Sakura chases out the window into a Reidou tunnel, where it grows to toddler size. The Reidou ends outside the club building, where Sakura discovers Rinne is living. The cat, a bakeneko, is named Rokumon and he wants a job with Rinne. Rinne refuses and takes Sakura home. Rokumon shows up at Sakura’s house, explaining that Rinne is helping to pay off Tamako’s debts for keeping his human grandfather alive. Later, when the club building is about to be destroyed, a giant rat spirit emerges. Rokumon defeats it, saving Rinne ¥500, so Rinne hires Rokumon for a meager wage.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7


  • The Rat Spirit is the first anime only character to appear.


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