If You Don't Mind Starting as Friends (友だちからで良ければ Tomodachi Kara de Yokereba) is the 4th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


A new transfer student asks Sakura out and a spirit's regret initiates a triple date.

Plot Overview

Rinne is attempting to help a ghost in need when new transfer student attacks it and Rinne, who’s wearing his special haori. Rokumon finds a picture the transfer student, Tsubasa, dropped, which contains a photo with ghosts and a younger Sakura. In class, Tsubasa immediately goes to Sakura, who doesn’t remember him, but feigns that she does. He likes her because she, like he, can see supernatural things. He asks her out as Rinne arrives. Tsubasa attacks him thinking he’s a spirit, but he’s corrected in his thinking. He and Rinne argue over how to send spirits to the afterlife. After school, Tsubasa asks Sakura to walk home with him. She goes after Rinne, but when he gives her the cold shoulder, Sakura walks home with Tsubasa.

Rinne sets up a date with the ghost, Usui, and the girl he liked, Sakura’s friend Miho. Miho gets Sakura to come for a double date since she doesn’t know Usui well (and doesn’t know he’s a ghost), so Tsubasa invites himself as Sakura’s date. Sakura’s other good friend, Rika, attaches herself to this party, then asks the depressed Rinne to be her date. On the day of the date to the amusement park, Rinne finds he has to not only pay for Usui, but Miho and Rika as well. Sakura is confused by how Rinne is treating her, but when he gets her a dolphin plushie, she’s very happy. At the end of the date, Usui passes on fulfilled, causing Tsubasa to start to understand how Rinne exorcises spirits. That night, Sakura happily sleeps with her dolphin plushie.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 19
  • Chapter 20
  • Chapter 21


  • Tsubasa makes his debut.
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