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Hanako-san (トイレの花子さん Toire no Hanako-san) is the 5th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


While Rinne is excited to hunt down an evil spirit for a big bounty, the school is haunted by a spunky little ghost bent on revenge.

Plot Overview

Rokumon brings in a ¥100,000 bounty for an evil spirit, so Rinne accepts this gift. At school, something has put child hand prints all over, with a special message for Tsubasa. Tsubasa attacks the chalkboard, causing the spirit to emerge. He and Sakura give chase as the spirit heads to Rinne, who recognizes it as the one with the bounty and captures it. Rinne takes it home, where he discovers the spirit is actually the famous elementary school girl ghost, Hanako-san of the Toilet. Hanako has a grudge against Tsubasa since he drove her from her toilet home five years ago. Tsubasa and Sakura arrive and when Tsubasa eggs her on, Hanako powers up and attacks him. Rinne senses the power isn’t hers and sure enough, he finds the giant, evil spirit with the ¥100,000 bounty is the one providing the power.

Rinne consults with his grandmother, who informs him the spirit’s name is Toichi, who lends power to weaker spirits for exorbitant prices, but then consumes the weaker spirit when the time comes to pay the bill. Rinne tells Sakura about this. She feels sorry for Hanako. Tsubasa arrives with more tools to attack, forcing Hanako to borrow more power, though Rinne stops that. Rinne explains the price to Hanako. Tsubasa attacks the giant spirit, but it just divides into smaller bits. Rinne leaves Hanako with Sakura and Subasa as Rokumon gives Rinne his formerly hocked shinigami scythe. Tsubasa is surprised to see Rinne purify the first Toichi piece. Toichi goes for Hanako, so Tsubasa apologizes to her. He pulls a Bible out and clubs Toichi with it, allowing Rinne to purify it. Rinne takes Hanako to the Rinne no Wa, collects his fee, but ends up having to spend it all on the debt. Tsubasa asks Sakura what exactly Rinne is.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 22
  • Chapter 23
  • Chapter 24



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