Voice of the Roadside Shrine (沿道神社の声 Endō Jinja no Koe) is the 6th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


Sakura hears the voices of children in a small shrine calling for help and thinks it may be linked to Rinne's most recent client.

Plot Overview

Sakura comes with her friends to investigate a roadside shrine one had heard about. Voices within the shrine sends Sakura’s friends running, so Sakura seeks out Rinne, encountering Tsubasa on the way. Tsubasa follows Sakura to Rinne’s place, where they see he has a client. Following the client to his home, the discover the man’s son is actually a bakeneko (cat monster), posing as the son. The bakeneko escapes after Rinne breaks his shinigami scythe, so Tsubasa gives chase to impress Sakura. Sakura takes Rokumon to the broken shrine and communes with the client’s son and his friends, who are trapped inside. Meanwhile, Tsubasa gets trapped with a second bakeneko reveals itself, causing Rinne to have to save him.

Attempts to get the bakeneko spirits captured fails, so Sakura informs Rinne about what is written in the book and how the bakeneko were captured using the expensive maguro otoro (fatty tuna). Rinne rejects this as too expensive and uses his broken scythe to lure them to the shrine and free the four boys. The lady that had lured the four boys there earlier traps Rinne in the shrine and laments having lost the four boys. She reveals herself to be a damashigami. Before she can take her prize, Tsubasa stops her and destroys the shrine, freeing Rinne and the bakeneko spirits. Tsubasa produces a ¥30,000 platter of maguro otoro sushi, snaring the cats before getting them to pass on peacefully. The shrine is repaired and the boys pay Rinne ¥1000, which he uses to repair his scythe. The damashigami reports her failure to her boss.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 63
  • Chapter 64


  • Tsubasa does not participate in this case in the manga.
  • In the manga, Rinne's scythe gets broken because Rokumon could only afford the cheapest repair after it was broken during the first battle against Kain.
  • The Cat-Eared Damashigami is the second anime-only character to appear.
  • The 1000 yen features Kotatsu-neko from Urusei Yatsura.


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