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Nothing Inside (中身がない Nakami ga nai), Mystery of Koshikudake Hill (砕け坂の怪 Kudake Ban no Kai), Effect of the Matsutake Mushrooms (松茸の波紋 Matsutake no Hamon) is the 69th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime and the 19th episode of the third season.


A mysterious giant meat bun is eating every meat inside every meat bun it comes across at school.

A fat evil spirit is haunting a hill, and it will be difficult to exorcise it, since the students are not looking forward to a marathon competition.

A pair of high quality mushrooms could cause Rinne and Rokumon’s partnership to fall apart.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 215
  • Chapter 129
  • Chapter 118



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