Curse of the Rabbit Hutch (ラビットハッチの呪い Rabitto hatchi no noroi) is the 7th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


A strange bat-winged guy swears revenge against Rinne and is using the spirit of an innocent student in his plans.

Plot Overview

Sakura encounters a male spirit in the air, on his side, at a light pole when a guy with bat wings marks the male spirit (Reiji) with the (improper) kanji for “curse” and takes off with him. Rinne gets a note, supposedly from Reiji’s girlfriend, Suzu, so Sakura and Rinne go to the roof of the school to meet her. She’s there along with her classmate and friend, Tomoya. They have a letter as well, which Sakura identifies as having the same handwriting as the one Rinne got. Reiji shows up and attempts to strangle Suzu, who cannot see the spirit, but she gets free. The foursome go to the hospital, where Reiji is unconscious, his living spirit roaming. Reiji shows up on a motorcycle, and this time Suzu and Tomoya can see him. Reiji becomes convinced that Suzu and Tomoya are dating, so Rinne tries to put his spirit back into his body.

Rinne is thwarted by Masato, the demon Sakura saw earlier putting the poor kanji on Reiji’s head. He has a deep grudge against Rinne for thwarting him as a child as he attempting to take the soul of different, supposedly dying animals to hell. Reiji’s activities become worse, fueled by Misato’s lies. He gets to the point to where he believes a poorly Photoshopped image of Suzu and Tomoya is proof of them kissing. Sakura, riding Rokumon’s flying form, attempts to talk sense to Reiji, but he won’t listen thanks to the curse. Rinne arrives to rescue the pair from Masato’s attack, then launches a wave of Oil Absorbing Sheets at Reiji, which removes the curse kanji. Despite being free, Reiji’s regrets over what he has done allow Misato to trap his spirit in a bottle and take him to hell, where Rinne follows.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 13
  • Chapter 14
  • Chapter 15


  • Masato makes his debut.
  • This story occurs right before Tsubasa's debut in the manga, which explains Tsubasa's absence.


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