The Wig's Disappointment and the Pumpkin's Temptation (カツラの無念とカボチャの誘惑 Katsura no Munen to Kabocha no Yūwaku) is the 9th episode of the Kyōkai no Rinne anime.


A school festival takes place, and the curtain opens on two cases, as non-person things and non-living people can also be present.

Plot Overview

It is time for the school festival, where Sakura’s class is doing a maid cafe. She gets Rinne to help her take out the trash, so Tsubasa tags along with them. There, they discover a tsukumogami wig that has been harassing the drama club. Using a Tsukumogami Sticker, they discover the blond, long haired wig is angry about its part having been cut. The girls in the drama club want nothing to do with it, so Sakura agrees to wear it for Cinderella. During the course of the play, the wig gets angry that things aren’t going as they are supposed to. Consulting the old script, they discover that the wig was actually supposed to be a horse’s tail, which the wig then remembers. Getting to play its proper role, the drama club is saved.

Rinne still senses trouble and discovers a spirit with a jack-o’-lantern head.  In class, a girl named Mari is chatting with her senpai, but only she and Sakura can see the senpai. Tsubasa bombs the place with holy ash, so the spirit leaves a not for Mari to meet her on the roof. There, she’s being lead to her death until Rinne stops her.  The “senpai” is a Damashigami who swapped his jack-o’-lantern head with the real Kimura-senpai. The Damashigami uses Kimura’s popularity to entice a lot of the girls at school to a trap. Rinne lures the Damashigami back with a love letter and dresses in drag. Rinne, Sakura, Tsubasa, and Rokumon are taken to where the girls are. Rinne is not able to defeat the Damashigami, but gets Kimura’s face back to him. Kimura tells the girls he’s only attracted to older women, crushing them and defeating the Damashigami. Rinne then wins the school’s contest for wearing drag.

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Adapted Chapters

  • Chapter 25
  • Chapter 26
  • Chapter 86


  • The contestants gathering for the drag contest at the end of the episode wear costumes that were used by characters of Rumiko Takahashi's previous works.


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