He's a dead school boy whose spirit remained, hoping to catch the attention of a pretty young girl.


He has black short hair and wears glasses.


Back when he was alive, he was so busy in his studies that he was never able to talk to girls. His spirit remained in a street after dying, and he tried in vain to speak to any school girl passing by, until Sakura replied to him. He would constantly talk to her every time she passes by, though she ignores him, until he meets Rinne who was dealing with a Chihuahua spirit named Chihuataro. He ends up becoming an evil spirit by sympathizing and fusing with Chiwatarou, and went mad upon being rejected by Sakura, so Rinne had to take Sakura to Kyoukai to lure them, and uses a Fire Wheel to separate them. They would both go to the Wheel of Reincarnation, after Rinne says he will meet other girls there.


  • He's the first spirit to be seen in the story.

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