The Ghost Teacher (教師の霊 Kyōshi no Rei?)[1] was a teacher of Yosono High School, whose spirit was drawn to Sankai High due to a rumor.


She was a mature woman with long red hair and brown eyes, and fair skin complexion. Despite being a teacher, her dress code didn't match, as she wore fancy clothes and a red lipstick.


She was a very superficial person, who didn't seem to take her job as a teacher seriously and was more worried with buying expensive products. She becomes paranoid due to her many bills but quickly resolves her conflicts after realizing she doesn't have to worry about them anymore.


She was obsessed with brand products and was constantly using her salary and loaned money to buy these products. As such, debt collectors started calling her on the phone and showing up at Yosono High school to get their money back, but she would hide in the storage room. Eventually they discover her hiding place, and she tried to run away by slipping out a window, having forgotten she was hiding on the third floor, and fell to her death. Her spirit lingered, as she remained worried about her debts.

When Rokumon hid his savings in a closet in the storage room at Sankai High and made up a ghost story to keep students away, everyone got curious and the rumor spread all around school, creating a negative aura that attracted the teacher’s spirit to the storage room, where she noticed Rokumon putting more money in the box in the closet. As Rinne received a lot of offerings, he would take on the case, along with Sakura and Tsubasa. She would reveal Rokumon’s savings, and after trying to confiscate his money to pay her bills, she explains her story and almost becomes an evil spirit, but gets to realize that she died and so immediately passes on, relieved that she doesn't have to pay her bills anymore.



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