He's a nameless ghost lingering at the amusement park, wishing to date a girl.


He wears a light blue shirt with a short black tie and black pants with a belt. He also has light brown hair with swirl-like glasses.


He was not popular with girls and died for unknown reasons. His spirit lingered as he wished to date a girl, and he would play a little joke on couples visiting the Haunted House at the amusement park, by fishing their souls out, and more Damashigamis came to use his same tactic. After the Damashigamis were subdued, he was found by Rinne and Sakura, who would listen to his story, then he got the courage to speak to the spirit of Rina Mizuki, who considers him her type, and they would pass on together.


  • He does not wear glasses in the manga, and his role in the anime got prolonged as the case of the Haunted House and the Ghost Idol of the Pool got mixed.