This article is about the character Hanako-san. If you're looking for the episode centered around her, see Episode 5.

Hanako of the Toilet (トイレの花子さん Toire no Hanako-san?), also known as Hanako-san (花子さん Hanako-san?) is an unhappy child ghost who seeks her revenge against Tsubasa with the help of an evil entity called Toichi.


Hanako is a ghost having the appearance of an elementary school student. She has pale skin, black hair styled in a bowl cut reaching to under her ears, and black eyes. She wears a typical elementary school uniform, with a yellow dress shirt a long red suspender skirt, white knee socks and black mary janes, and also a red bow on the left side of her hair.


She was proud of her popularity, so much that she was shocked that Rinne never knew her and felt extremely mad to have been chased out of the bathroom.


Hanako the Toilet Girl was a popular spirit at an elementary school, showing up in the bathroom whenever a young student knocks 3 times at her door. But 5 years ago, when Tsubasa got enrolled in, he drove her out of the bathroom, by trying to exorcise her. She was forced then to wander aimlessly through the sky.

She would get revenge against Tsubasa having recently enrolled in Sankai High, messing up his class and the bathrooms, continuously borrowing power from Toichi, who seeks to absorb her and turn her into an evil spirit as a price.

As her situation was getting serious and Tsubasa kept attacking her with sacred ashes, Rinne tasked Rokumon to buy back his Shinigami Scythe and revealed to her what Toichi intended to do with her. Having learned it as well, Tsubasa attacks the giant spirit, only for it to divide into smaller bits. Rinne leaves Hanako with Sakura and Tsubasa, as Rokumon gives him his Shinigami scythe, and he purifies the first Toichi piece, which surprises Tsubasa, so Toichi goes for Hanako, but Tsubasa apologizes to her and pulls a Bible out and clubs Toichi with it, allowing Rinne to purify it.

Tsubasa apologizes to Hanako again, and Rinne takes her to the Wheel of Reincarnation.


  • When Toichi empowers her, she could summon toilet paper and a stream of water using them as weapons.


  • Hanako-san is a famous ghost in Japanese pop culture, similar to Bloody Mary.
    • Despite the legends about her, Hanako-san is not depicted as an evil spirit in Kyōkai no Rinne.