Kaori Himekawa (姫川 カオリ) is a student of Sankai High, who's been plagued by dreams of a soldier spirit.


She has long black hair.


One month ago, while on a school field trip in Kyoto, she was spotted by the spirit of a fallen warrior (Ochimusha) who believes her to be the reincarnation of the princess he promised to wed centuries ago. He would stalk her and constantly give her sake in her dreams whenever she sleeps, which frightens her and renders her afraid to sleep.

She was advised to use the instrument shelter, and Rinne contains him. But she had to speak with him, and grants his wish to have a ceremony so he may pass on. However the warrior did not pass on, for it is revealed that her previous life was actually a sea turtle, meaning she is not the reincarnation of the princess. After Ochimusha passed on after meeting the real reincarnation of his lost love, she warned Rinne not to tell anyone that she used to be a sea turtle, for she feels embarrassed by that fact.


  • The 2 Kanjis of her name "姫川" mean "Princess" and "River".