The Karate Club Member (空手部員, Karate Buin) is a ghost who won’t pass on without dating a girl. 



He joined the Karate Club in hope of getting strong and seduce girls. But all he did was go jogging on the beach everyday, where couples would flirt, and one day he suddenly got a heart attack. His spirit lingered, as he felt ashamed and wishes to date a girl before passing on.

He appears at Nirvana Store, where Rinne and Ageha serve as lifeguards to spirits who wish to enjoy the beach before passing on, and Ageha volunteered to go on a date with him, but he set his eyes on Sakura, who accepted to go on a date if Rinne comes along. After enjoying the fireworks in the end, he asks Sakura if she would like to go steady, and she casually says she already has someone she likes, so the spirit gives up and passes on, and she quickly reveals it was a lie to help him pass on.


  • In the anime, he states his death was by accident, and he meets the Rubber Boat Ghost and passes on with her.