Kimura (キムラ) was a popular upperclassman in middle school, admired by many girls due to his handsome face, who falls victim of a Damashigami.


In the manga, Kimura has black hair, while in the anime, he has brown hair and light blue eyes.


He passed away a year ago in an accident, unbeknownst to many girls. While in Kyoukai, the Pumpkin Damashigami took interest in his face, and so swapped heads with him, in order to seduce and lure girls into his dimension.

Rinne found Kimura wearing the pumpkin head during a festival at Sankai High, and as one of his admirers Mari was about to jump off from the school's rooftop to follow the fake Kimura, he threw the pumpkin head at her to stop her. When they managed to enter the Pumpkin Damashigami’s dimension where all the girls are kept in and entertained by dolls wearing Kimura’s face, Rinne used a tool that revealed the dolls and swapped back their heads. However, the girls wished to die along with Kimura, but he told the girls that he likes mature women, which prompted them to all go back to the living world. He thanked Rinne and could move on his own.