Kuromitsu (黒蜜(くろみつ)?) is Matsugo's black cat by contract.


She has cat ears sprouting out of her brown hair, light purple eyes, and fair skin complexion. She wears her hair in a fashionable apple cut bob and can usually be seen in her Chinese style dress.


When not helping her partner, Kuromitsu enjoys relaxing, and seems to do just that up until the very moment she's called for to do her duties as a Black Cat Contractor. She is loyal and hardworking, not only in helping her Shinigami partner capture spirits, but Rinne's attention as well.


She served as receptionist at Hotel the Beyond, where Matsugo held the Shinigami Elementary Reunion.

She would support Matsugo in his numerous attempts to be alone with Rinne and "deepen their friendship", although his plans backfire.

When the Black Cat Secret Meeting took place with no knowledge of its purpose, she would just relax and did not have any complaints over her master, when Oboro assumed it as a protest rally against the Shinigamis. As soon as Tama brought the box containing the records of that meeting, she reads those records revealing the true purpose of the meeting, and avoided suffering from the winning prize, along with Tama, Kuroboshi and Kuroboshi III.



Kuromitsu seems more likely to help Matsugo with his quest to win over Rinne, than actually exorcising evil spirits or guiding the recently deceased to the Wheel of Reincarnation. She's aided Matsugo in luring Rinne to a reunion simply to re-introduce the pair, as well as keeping Sakura separated from Rinne so that Matsugo could spend some quality alone time with him.


  • "In order to overcome his complex, Matsugo-sama determinedly applied himself to building up his physique and academic profile, all to get where he is today!" - Chapter 188
  • "Your friendship doesn't come through at all" (友情通じていませんよ) - Chapter 188


  • "Kuromitsu" (黒蜜?) literally means "black honey".
  • She resembles Nabiki Tendo from Ranma ½ , for their hairstyle and love for money.