【境界のRINNE】 Kyōkai no Rinne -Manga trailer- (eng sub) -HD-

【境界のRINNE】 Kyōkai no Rinne -Manga trailer- (eng sub) -HD-

This is the list of Volumes of the manga Rin-ne, as well as the titles contained therein. The chapter titles include Japanese text, romaji transcription, and English translation.


Volume list
No. Japanese release date English release date
01 October 16, 2009 October 20, 2009

001. "The Mysterious Classmate" (謎のクラスメート "Nazo no Kurasumēto")
002. "The Legend of the Weather Hutch" (百葉箱の伝説 "Hyakuyōbaku no Densetsu")
003. "Four O'clock Behind the Gym" (体育館裏4時 "Taiikukan Ura Yo-ji")
004. "Have We Met?" (どこかで会った女 "Doko ka de Atta Onna")
005. "Y·O·U·N·G Woman" (お・ね・え・さ・ん "O Ne E Sa N")
006. "Mystery in the Club Building" (クラブ棟の怪 "Kurabutō no Kai")
007. "Black Cat by Contract" (契約黒猫 "Keiyaku Kuroneko")
008. "Afraid to Fall Asleep" (眠るのがこわい "Nemuru no ga Kowai")

Sakura Mamiya is a high school student living with the ability to see ghosts after an event in her past where she met a shinigami in the otherworld, though she does not remember this. Sakura meets a classmate named Rinne Rokudo others cannot see, leading her to suspect he is a ghost. She discovers later he is actually a shinigami of sorts, and when he is wearing his Haori of the Underworld, normal people cannot see him. Rinne helps Sakura by exorcising a ghost who has been following her around as well as the spirit of a chihuahua. Sakura's friend Rika is plagued by a ghost calling her cell phone and leaving the same angry message, leading Rinne to tell them how they can have a paranormal problems getting resolved by leaving a letter and offering in the weather hutch behind the school. Rinne takes the offering and tracks down the angry spirit, which he promptly exorcises to the afterlife with some help by their gym teacher. Sakura meets Rinne's grandmother Tamako, also a shinigami, who helped his grandson get offerings by threatening every students of Sankai High School in their dreams. Sakura travels into the otherworld and wanders to the wheel of reincarnation. Rinne saves Sakura before she gets on the wheel and she finally remembers how Tamako was the shinigami she met in the past. Sakura then learns how Rinne is actually of mixed human and shinigami heritage, and shortly after she takes home a hurt, black kitten which steals a meal and leads her to the old club building at school where she finds Rinne living. The black cat is named Rokumon and he forms a contract with Rinne to help him in his shinigami duties after Rinne's grandmother fired him. A second-year student of Sankai High School named Kaori Himekawa seeks help from Rinne for an ancient warrior is haunting her dreams causing her to lose sleep over it.
02 October 16, 2009 January 19, 2010

009. "Nuptial Cups" (固めの盃 "Katame no Sakazuki")
010. "Reunion" (再会 "Saikai")
011. "Songstress of the Pool" (プールの歌姫 "Pūru no Utahime")
012. "Something Lost" (無くしたもの "Nakushita Mono")
013. "Curse" (祟 "Tatari")
014. "Duel at the Rabbit Hutch" (ウサギ小屋の対決 "Usagi Koya no Taiketsu")
015. "Spirit of No Return" (戻れない生霊 "Modorenai Ikiryō")
016. "Welcome to Hell!" (ようこそ地獄へ! "Yōkoso Jigoku e!")
017. "Debt Hell" (借金地獄 "Shakkin Jigoku")
018. "Stream of a Thousand Winds" (千の風気流 "Sen no Kaze Kiryū")

Kaori agrees to perform a marriage ceremony with the warrior so he can pass on, but it does not work. Rinne suspects Kaori is not the warrior's reincarnated lover, and Rokumon takes Sakura to the underworld to buy a mirror where someone can see their previous incarnation in it. Kaori sees a sea turtle in the mirror, and Rinne takes the warrior around to find his real reincarnated lover, who turns out to be the current gym teacher at Sakura's school; after realizing this, the warrior promptly passes on. Sakura comes in contact with a girl named Misora Utagawa who died in the school pool but cannot remember her lingering attachment. Misora had been a popular girl in the choir club. Rinne ultimately figures out that Misora had lost her false tooth in the pool and died trying to find it; Rinne gives her another false tooth and Misora sings on last song before passing on. Sakura watches on day as a demon puts a curse on a boy's spirit named Reiji Todoriki, though he is not dead. The demon, named Masato, has an old grudge on Rinne and uses Reiji's spirit in a plan to get back at Rinne. Masato takes Reiji's soul to hell and Rinne pursues him, though in the process causing a large amount of damage to the surrounding area. However, Masato's plan backfires and he ends up paying for the damages. In the end, Reiji's soul is able to return to his body.
03 March 18, 2010 May 18, 2010

019. "The Transfer Student" (転校生 "Tenkōsei")
020. "If You Don't Mind, Let's Be Friends First" (友だちからで良ければ "Tomodachi kara de Yokereba")
021. "A Fun Date" (楽しいデート "Tanoshii Dēto")
022. "One Hundred Thousand Yen" (10万円 "Jūman-en")
023. "The Price of Power" (力の代償 "Chikara no Daishō")
024. "Shinigami Scythe" (死神のカマ "Shinigami no Kama")
025. "Lure of the Pumpkinhead" (カボチャ頭の誘惑 "Kabocha Kaburi no Yūwaku")
026. "Hall of the Damashigami" (だまし神の館 "Damashigami no Kan")
027. "Draw Me" (私を描いて "Watashi o Kaite")
028. "Black & White" (黒と白 "Kuro to Shiro")

A transfer student, Tsubasa Jumonji, who had met Sakura when they were much younger and found out about her ability to see supernatural beings, becomes a member of Sakura's class. Tsubasa, who had a crush on Sakura back then, asks Sakura to go out with him, but she just wants to be friends for now. Rinne helps a spirit by getting him a date with the girl he loves, though it eventually becomes a group date with Rinne, Sakura and Tsubasa also coming along to the amusement park. Everyone has fun on the date and the spirit is able to pass on peacefully. Rinne learns of a 100,000 yen bounty on an evil spirit and finds out the spirit of a little girl is in league with the evil spirit in order to attain power. In order to find the evil spirit, Rinne recovers his shinigami scythe for 5,000 yen and uses it to purify the evil spirit, which allows the little girl to pass on. The 100,000 yen reward, however, is immediately seized to pay for Rinne's debts. During the school festival, a damashigami (a shinigami that takes those who should not die to the afterlife) draws many girls to the afterlife, but Rinne follows the damashigami and defeats him. A female ghost with no face is terrorizing male art students at school, but turns out to be in fact a strong emotion which came to life. The source of the emotion is an unfinished drawing by the art club president, Suguru Egawa, of the previous president, Hitomi Egusa, and eventually he finishes the drawing with Hitomi's consent.
04 June 18, 2010 September 14, 2010

029. "Negative" (マイナス "Mainasu")
030. "President" (社長 "Shachō")
031. "Damashigami Company" (堕魔死神カンパニー "Damashigami Kanpanī")
032. "Inauguration Ceremony" (就任式 "Shūnin Shiki")
033. "Kyuketsukasha" (吸血火車 "Kyūketsukasha")
034. "Handprint" (手形 "Tegata")
035. "You Don't Disapprove of That?" (イヤじゃないのか "Iya Janai no ka")
036. "Ageha, The Shinigami" (死神鳳 "Shinigami Ageha")
037. "Sister's Whereabouts" (姉の行方 "Ane no Yukue")
038. "Bride Screening" (花嫁審査 "Hanayome Shinsa")

After Rokumon gives Rinne an afterlife strain of virus (which mortals cannot catch), damashigami come to attack Rinne. Later, Rokumon reports that Rinne's bank account is showing a negative value, followed by Rinne's father Sabato Rokudo arriving to give Rinne a bunch of IOU; it was he who took all of Rinne's money. Sabato, who runs the illegal damashigami company, wants Rinne to succeed him as president, and lures Rinne and his friends to the afterlife. Further, Sabato wants his son to marry one of the damashigami girls who are employed in the company. Rinne has a match with his father to decide his fate, ending ultimately in Rinne's victory with Sabato failing to get Rinne's handprint. Rinne's grandmother (and Sabato's mother) Tamako reveals herself after having dressed up as a seal to sneak in, officially ending the fight. They manage to get Rinne's money back, along with the forged bankbook and name seal Sabato used to withdraw Rinne's money. After another damashigami strikes at school, Rinne meets another shinigami named Ageha, who initially believed Rinne to be a damashigami. They defeat the damashigami and Rinne gets to keep all the reward money, as Ageha is only interested in defeating damashigami. Ageha comes to Rinne to ask for his help in tracking down her sister and he agrees after seeing a picture of her sister with his father. Ageha's sister comes to find Rinne to get him to marry Sakura and inherit the damashigami company and its debts, but Sakura says she and Rinne are just classmates.
05 September 17, 2010 March 8, 2011

039. "The Hot Secretary's True Identity" (美人秘書の正体 "Bijin Hisho no Shōtai")
040. "Rich Girl" (お嬢様 "Ojō-sama")
041. "Just a Simple Thanks" (あくまでお礼 "Akumade Orei")
042. "Soul Eater King" (魂食王 "Konshoku Ō")
043. "The Unopenable Bookshelves" (開かずの本棚 "Akazuno Hondana")
044. "Roses and Soy Sauce" (薔薇と醤油 "Shōbi to Shōyu")
045. "The Cursed Track Star" (呪われたエース "Norowareta Ēsu")
046. "I Don't Want Him to Know" (知らせたくない "Shirasetakunai")
047. "The Haunted Cedar" (おばけ杉 "Obake Sugi")
048. "Yo-Yo Memories" (ヨーヨーの思い出 "Yōyō no Omoide")

Ageha finds out her sister is romantically involved with Rinne's father and after he and Ageha's sister escape back to the otherworld, Rinne and the others follow them. Ageha falls into several traps where she is tricked by Damashigamis into handing out large sums of money, but as she is rich, she does not mind. After Rinne saves Ageha from a demon that had a 1 million yen bounty, she begins to take a liking towards Rinne. Sakura believes Rinne and Ageha to be romantically involved, leaving Rinne to attempt to clear up the misunderstanding. Ageha makes him a large boxed lunch, but did not know the box contained an evil spirit named the Soul Eater King, which grants three wishes in exchange for a soul. Rinne sees through the evil spirit's intentions, however, and Ageha jumps in to defeat the spirit. Two bookshelves in the library will not open, because there is a dog guarding them. Rinne follows a rope on the dog to the owner, a spirit of a girl named Fumika who recently died. Fumika had written a love letter and placed it in a book the day she died. Once she recovers the letter and destroys it, she passes on. Riku Hayata is a star runner on the track team and is cursed with falling down on the track by the disembodied spirit of his senior on the team, Shu Kazami. Kazami recently sprained his ankle because of a banana peel accidentally left by Hayata on the track. Hayata's own disembodied spirit was feeling remorse for this, and Kazami's spirit was caused by Kazami being unable to tell Hayata about this; afterward, both spirits vanish. Sakura and Tsubasa visit a sacred tree at their old elementary school to dig up a power stone buried by Tsubasa years before. They find a vengeful spirit of a boy named Yota using the stone; Yota had been Sakura's classmate in elementary. Rinne destroys an evil spirit that was controlling Yota, who is able to retrieve Sakura's yo-yo, which he had stolen years before, because Sakura was more skillful with the yo-yo than him. Yota passes on after giving the yo-yo back to Sakura.
06 December 17, 2010 July 12, 2011

049. "The Power Stone's Curse" (聖石の呪い "Pawā Sutōn no Noroi")
050. "The Chain of Negativity" (負の連鎖 "Fu no Rensa")
051. "Spirits" (精霊 "Seirei")
052. "The Look-Alike Ghost" (同じ顔の幽霊 "Onaji Kao no Yūrei")
053. "Love Song" (愛の歌 "Ai no Uta")
054. "The Shinigami Clerk" (記死神 "Shirushigami")
055. "Seizure" (差し押さえ "Sashiosae")
056. "Capital" (資本金 "Shihonkin")
057. "Inside The Crate" (箱の中 "Hako no Naka")
058. "Ring of Judgment" (裁きの輪 "Sabaki no Wa")

Masato goes to Tsubasa and gives him a book of devils so that he will use it to curse Rinne, which would darken his power stone. Tsubasa unintentionally curses Rinne and bad things continue happening to him. Tsubasa eventually curses himself to save Rinne, and in doing so, purifies his power stone with Rinne's help. Spirits come out of the stone and send Masato away. A ghost that looks like the student council president at Sakura's school, Yuki Naomi, goes around causing trouble. It turns out the ghost is the dead twin sister of Yuki's mother. After realizing she is dead, Ranko apologizes to Yuki (believing her to be her twin sister Rinko) and passes on. Ageha encounters a shinigami clerk, Kain, who is looking for the damashigami company run by Rinne's father. This leads Kain back to Rinne who decides to take Rinne's life to pay for his vast debt. Kain's mother had been swindled out of her money by Rinne's father. Kain takes Rinne's life flame and escapes to the otherworld, where he is pursued by the others, including Rinne's spirit. Sakura finds a seal crate at Kain's mother's home addressed to Rinne. After opening it, he obtains the ring of judgment, a Shinigami tool that leads its owner to where an offender he or she is after, and it allows Rinne to recover his life flame back from Kain as it also works as a shield of justice.
07 March 18, 2011 November 8, 2011

059. "The Summer Festival Mystery" (夏祭りの怪 "Natsumatsuri no Kai")
060. "The Teddy Bear Memory" (クマちゃんの思い出 "Kuma-chan no Omoide")
061. "Welcome To Nirvana House!" (涅槃家へようこそ! "Nehan-ke e Yōkoso!")
062. "The Spirit Way Stone" (霊道石 "Reidōseki")
063. "The Voices from the Shrine" (祠の声 "Hokora no Koe")
064. "Bakeneko" (化け猫)
065. "The House Where Ghosts Don't Tread" (霊の来ない家 "Rei no Konai Ie")
066. "Expired" (期限切れ "Kigengire")
067. "The Horticulture Club Incident" (園芸部の異変 "Engeibu no Ihen")
068. "How The Curse Was Cast" (呪いの方法 "Noroi no Hōhō")

08 July 15, 2011 March 13, 2012

069. "Homestay Training" (ホームステイ実習 "Hōmusutei Jisshū")
070. "The Story Behind the Alligator Woman" (ワニ女の事情 "Wani-onna no Jijō")
071. "Chibi's Memories" (チビの思い出 "Chibi no Omoide")
072. "Introduction to an Evil Spirit" (悪霊紹介 "Akuryō Shōkai)
073. "Supervisory Liability" (監督責任 "Kantoku Sekinin")
074. "Party of Five, This Way" (5名様ご案内 "Go-mei-sama Goannai")
075. "The Friendly Square" (フレンドリースクエア "Furendorī Sukuea")
076. "The Curse of the Kitchen Counter" (呪われた調理台 "Norowareta Chōridai")
077. "The Strangling Scarf" (首しめマフラー "Kubishime Mafurā")
078. "The Present" (プレゼント "Purezento")

09 October 18, 2011 July 3, 2012

079. "Sleep, Exam Student" (眠れ受験生 "Nemure Jukensei")
080. "I'll Be Waiting at the Rink" (リンクで待ってる "Rinku de Matteru")
081. "Extra Infusion" (補足注入 "Hosoku Chūnyū")
082. "Within the Letter Box" (文箱の中 "Fumibako no Naka")
083. "The Secret of the Numbers" (数字の秘密 "Sūji no Himitsu")
084. "Ramen Kaedama" (ラーメンかえ魂 "Rāmen Kaedama")
085. "Goal Fulfillment" (目標の達成 "Mejirushi no Tassei")
086. "The Wig's Regret" (カツラの無念 "Katsura no Munen")
087. "Oboro's Revenge" (朧の復讐 "Oboro no Fukushū")
088. "The Contract and the Mongoose" (契約書とマングース "Keiyakusho to Mangūsu")

10 November 18, 2011 November 13, 2012

089. "A Black Cat's Life" (黒猫生命 "Kuroneko Seimei")
090. "Partner" (パートナー "Pātonā")
091. "The Vanishing Bus Stop" (消えた停留場 "Kieta Teiryūjo")
092. "Digital Camera Ghost" (デジカメ幽霊 "Dejikame Yūrei")
093. "Message" (メッセージ "Messēji")
094. "The Vanishing Membership Fee" (消えた会費 "Kieta Kaihi")
095. "The Cost of Pride" (プライドの値段 "Puraido no Nedan")
096. "Dream Court" (夢のコート "Yume no Kōto")
097. "Shinigami's Taboo" (死神界のタブー "Shinigamikai no Tabū")
098. "Poltergeist" (ポルターガイスト "Porutāgaisuto")

11 February 17, 2012 March 12, 2013

099. "Unseen Candy" (見えないキャンディー "Mienai Kyandī")
100. "The Target is Sakura" (ターゲットは桜 "Tāgetto wa Sakura")
101. "Where's Rinne?" (りんねはどこに? "Rinne wa Doko ni?")
102. "The Puppy in the Rain" (雨の中の子犬 "Ame no Naka no Koinu")
103. "Poverty Moth" (貧乏蛾 "Binbō Ga")
104. "The Jealous Cat" (妬み猫 "Netami Neko")
105. "The Half-Price Haunted House!!" (お化け屋敷半額!! "Obakeyashiki Hangaku!!")
106. "This Isn't A Date!" (デートではない! "Dēto de wa Nai!")
107. "Piping Hot" (アツアツ "Atsuatsu")
108. "The Prowling Watermelon" (さまようスイカ "Samayou Suika")

12 May 18, 2012 July 9, 2013

109. "An Observed Event" (注目のイベント "Chūmoku no Ibento")
110. "Black Cat Grade Test" (黒猫段位テスト "Kuroneko Dan'i Tesuto")
111. "Battle of Cat Tower" (猫タワーの戦い "Neko Tawā no Tatakai")
112. "Let's Cooperate!" (協力しよう! "Kyōryoku Shiyō!")
113. "Battle Royale" (バトルロイヤル "Batoru Roiyaru")
114. "Outnumbered" (多勢に無勢 "Tazei ni Buzei")
115. "The Cursed Straw Doll" (呪いのワラ人形 "Noroi no Wara Ningyo")
116. "Let's Speak Clearly" (ちゃんと話そう "Chanto Hanasō")
117. "The Wandering Power Stone" (さまよえるパワーストーン "Samayoeru Pawā Sutōn")
118. "Ripple in Mushrooms" (松茸の波紋 "Matsutake no Hamon")

13 July 18, 2012 November 12, 2013

119. "Lend Me ♥ Money" (お金♥貸して "Okane ♥ Kashite")
120. "The Mikazuki Temple Siblings" (三日月堂の姉弟 "Mikazukidō no Kyōdai")
121. "Half of My Life" (我が半生 "Waga Hansei")
122. "Wax Doudosu" (ワックスどうどす "Wakkusu Dōdosō")
123. "False Accusations" (濡れ衣 "Nureginu")
124. "M's Tragedy" (Mの悲劇 "M no Higeki")
125. "Spirit of Sweets" (スイーツ霊 "Suittsu Rei")
126. "Deliciousness Monitor" (旨味たっぷりモニター "Umami Tappuri Monitā")
127. "Christmas Requirements" (クリスマスの条件 "Kurisumasu no Jōken")
128. "Blank Votive" (白紙絵馬 "Hakushi Ema")

14 October 18, 2012 March 4, 2014

129. "The Mystery of the Withering Hill" (砕け坂の怪 "Kudake Ban no Kai")
130. "The Senior's Legacy" (長老の遺産 "Chōrō no Isan")
131. "Oni and Setsubun" (鬼と節分 "Oni to Setsubun")
132. "The Curse of One Hundred Years Later" (百年後の祟り "Hyakunen Nochi no Tatari")
133. "The Fox Trap" (狐おとし "Kitsune Otoshi")
134. "The Mysterious Transfer Student" (謎の転校生 "Nazo no Tenkōsei")
135. "The Real Renge" (れんげの正体 "Renge no Shōtai")
136. "One Hundred Souls" (百個めの魂 "Hyaku Kome no Kon")
137. "Aim for the Top" (トップを目指す "Toppu o Mezasu")
138. "Moving" (引っ越しのご挨拶 "Hikkoshi Goaisatsu")

15 January 18, 2013 July 8, 2014

139. "Charm Strap" (お守りストラップ "Omamori Sutorappu")
140. "A Flood of Evil Spirits" (悪霊殺到 "Akuryō Sattō")
141. "Princess Sasameki" (囁姫 "Sasameki-hime")
142. "The Breakup Meal" (破局セット "Hakyoku Setto")
143. "The Lying Couple" (偽りのカップル "Itsuwari no Kapuru")
144. "The Separation God" (縁切り神 "Enkiri Kami")
145. "The Heavy Shoulder" (肩が重い "Kata ga Omoi")
146. "Pursuit and Reunion" (追跡と再会 "Tsuiseki to Saikai")
147. "Doubt" (疑惑 "Giwaku")
148. "Back in those Days" (戻る当時の "Modoru Tōji no")

16 April 18, 2013 November 11, 2014

149. "Recovery Cream" (リカバリークリーム "Rikabarī Kurīmu")
150. "The Dream Umbrella of Love" (夢の相合い傘 "Yume no Aiaigasa")
151. "The First Union Rally" (第一回組合大会 "Daiichikai Kumiai Taikai")
152. "I'll Lend You My Right Arm" (右腕貸します "Migiude Kashimasu")
153. "The Runaway Victim" (逃げる人 "Nigeru Hito")
154. "The River of Treasure" (宝の川 "Takara no Kawa")
155. "The Promised Necklace" (約束の首飾り "Yakusoku no Kubikazari")
156. "The Location of the Necklace" (首飾りの行方 "Kubikazari no Yukue")
157. "One Coin Investigation" (ワンコイン調査 "Wan Koin Chōsa")
158. "The Campsite Devil" (キャンプ場の悪魔 "Kyanpujou no Akuma")

17 June 18, 2013 March 10, 2015

159. "Seven Days of Love" (七日間の恋 "Nanoka aida no Koi")
160. "The Infinite Grudge" (怨み無限大 "Urami Mugendai")
161. "The Hands from the Tatami Mat" (畳の手 "Tatami no Te")
162. "The Cursed Cashbox" (呪金箱 "Jukinbako")
163. "Open After Seven Days" (七日たったら明けること "Nanoka tatara Akeru Koto")
164. "The Evil 4th Lane" (魔の4コース "Ma no 4 Koosu")
165. "A Wish to the Moon" (月に願いを "Tsuki ni Negai wo")
166. "The Mysterious Lion-Dogs" (謎の狛犬 "Nazo no Komainu")
167. "Enter the Miko!" (ご本人登場! "Gohonnin Toujou!")
168. "Vengeful Spirit's Request" (生霊の願い "Ikiryo no Negai")

18 September 18, 2013 July 14, 2015

169. "The Get-Rich-Quick Mushroom Hunt" (一獲千金キノコ狩り "Ikkakusenkin Kinoko Kari")
170. "The Long Story" (長い話 "Nagai Hanashi")
171. "The Nabe Pot and the Governor" (鍋と奉行 "Nabe to Bugyou")
172. "Mannequa and Coaty" (マネ子とコト美 "Maneko to Kotomi")
173. "Special Bonus" (特別ボーナス "Tokubetsu Bōnasu")
174. "I Don't Want Him To Know" (知られたくない "Shiraretakunai")
175. "Uncovered Memories" (思い出発掘 "Omoide Hakkutsu")
176. "Kuroboshi Sansei" (黒星三世 "Kuroboshi Sansei")
177. "Ski Slope Surprise" (ゲレンデのサプライズ "Gerennde no Supuraizu")
178. "The Cash Box from Hell" (地獄の金庫 "Jigoku no Kinko")

19 December 18, 2013 November 10, 2015

179. "Black Cat Kids Party" (黒猫こども会 "Kuroneko Kodomo Kai")
180. "Cursed Valentine" (呪われたバレンタイン "Norowareta Barentain")
181. "Devil Type A, Shinigami Type B" (悪魔A型死神B型 "Akuma A gata Shinigami B gata")
182. "Who!?" (だれ!? "Dare! ?")
183. "Midas Wax" (金運ワックス "Kinun Wakkusu")
184. "At the Graduation Ceremony" (卒業式で "Sotsugyōshiki de")
185. "Enforced Pawning" (強制質入れ "Kyosei Shichiire")
186. "The Terrifying Outdoor Training" (恐怖の野外実習 "Kyoufu no Yagai Jisshuu")
187. "The Forgetball" (忘れ玉 "Wasure Dama")
188. "Fancy Choker" (ファンシーなチョーカー "Fanshii na Choukaa")

20 March 18, 2014 March 8, 2016

189. "Cleaning the Whole Wheel of Reincarnation" (輪廻の輪一斎清掃 "Rinne no wa Issei Seisou")
190. "The Store That No Customers Visit" (客が来ない店 "Kyaku ga Konai Mise")
191. "Bring My Girlfriend" (彼女の連れて "Kanojo no Tsurete")
192. "Just Money" (金なんだ "Kane nan da")
193. "Is it True?" (惜しいのか "Oshiinoka")
194. "Sakura's Mood" (桜の機嫌 "Sakura no Kigen")
195. "We're not Dating" (つきあってません "Tsukiattemasen")
196. "The Legendary Sacred Ashes" (伝説の聖灰 "Densetsu no Seihai")
197. "From Inside the Walls" (壁の中から。。。 "Kabe no naka kara...")
198. "A Cherry Tomato Buffet!" (プチトマト食べ放題 "Puchi Tomato Tabehoudai")

21 May 16, 2014 July 12, 2016

199. "Something in the Tunnel" (トンネルに何かいる "Tonneru ni nakika iru")
200. "The Evil Spirit of the Guest House" (別荘の悪霊 "Bessou no akuryou")
201. "Bug Spirit Hunting" (忠魂採集 "Chuukon saishuu")
202. "Eggplant Romance" (ナスロマン "Nasu roman")
203. "Red Soumen" (赤いソメン "Akai somen")
204. "The Madam of the Shopping Mall" (ショッピングモールの姉 "Shoppingu mooru no Ane")
205. "A Witch's Descendants" (魔女の末裔 "Majo no matsuei")
206. "The First Ordeal" (初めての試練 "Hajimete no shiren")
207. "Mystery of the Flower Bed" (花畑の謎 "Hanabatake no nazo")
208. "The Chasing Sound" (音が追ってくる "Oto ga ottekuru")

22 August 18, 2014 November 8, 2016

209. "The Ominous Prophecy" (いまわしき予言 "Imawashiki yogen")
210. "Tragic Conclusion" (悲劇的結末 "Higekiteki ketsumatsu")
211. "Silver Scythe" (銀色のカマ "Gin iro no kama")
212. "The Unusual Event at the Children's Home" (児童館の異変 "Jidoukan no ihen")
213. "The Suspect - Rinne" (疑われたりんね "Utagawareta Rinne")
214. "The Dark Cube" (四角くて黒いやつ "Shikaku kute kuroi yatsu")
215. "Nothing Inside" (中身がない "Nakami ga nai")
216. "Succubi Capture Training" (夢魔捕縛実習 "Muma hobaku jisshuu")
217. "Dreamlike World" (夢のような世界 "Yume no you na sekai")
218. "Santa's Grudge" (サンタの恨み "Santa no urami")

23 November 18, 2014 March 14, 2017

219. "Search Well" (よくさがせ "Yokusagase")
220. "Good-Fortune Pot" (開運の壺 "Kaiun no tsubo")
221. "Hated" (嫌われました "Kirawaremashita")
222. "Newspaper Delivery" (新聞が届く "Shinbun ga todoku")
223. "Mindless Mask" (脳無しの面 "Nou nashi no men")
224. "The Secret Hot Spring Inn" (秘湯の宿 "Hitou no yado")
225. "Enjoy!" (楽しめ! "Tanoshime!")
226. "Porch Bait" (縁側のエサ "Engawa no esa")
227. "Where's My Bank Deposit?!" (振込はまだか! "Furikomi wa madaka!")
228. "Springtime Evil Spirit Capturing" (春の悪霊捕獲 "Haru no akuryou hokaku")

24 March 18, 2015 July 11, 2017

229. "The Cursed Crystal Ball" (呪われたのぞき玉 "Norowareta nozoki dama")
230. "The Key to Solving the Curse" (呪いを解く鍵 "Noroi wo toku kagi")
231. "A Little Box of White Magic" (白魔法の小箱 "Shiromahou no kobako")
232. "Placeholder 1993" (場所取り1993 "Basho tori 1993")
233. "Rainbow Colored Bamboo Shoot" (虹色のタケノコ "Nijiiro no takenoko")
234. "Oihagizuki" (追萩月 "Oihagizuki")
235. "Exorcism Special Training Boxed Lunch" (浄霊特訓弁当つき "Jyourei tokkun tsuki")
236. "Sakura vs The Black Fox" (桜VS黒ギツネ "Sakura vs kuro gitsune")
237. "The Legend of the Locker" (ロッカー伝説 "Rokaa densetsu")
238. "Spirit Elevator" (心霊エレベーター "Shinrei erebeetaa")

25 April 17, 2015 November 14, 2017

239. "The Ghost of the June Bride" (ジューンブライドの幽霊 "Jyuun buraido no yuurei")
240. "The Vanished Weather Hutch!?" (百葉箱消失!? "Hyakyoubako shoushitsu!?")
241. "The Bible of Legend" (伝説の聖書 "Densetsu no seisho")
242. "Gold License" (ゴールドライセンス "Goorudo raisensu")
243. "Justifiable Means" (正当な手段 "Seitou na shudan")
244. "Serious Battle" (本気の闘い "Honki no tatakai")
245. "Black Report Card" (黒い通知表 "Kuroi tsuuchihiyou")
246. "The Expectant Ghost" (人待ち幽霊 "Hito machi yuurei")
247. "Inflatable Ghost Raft" (幽霊ゴムボート "Yuurei gomu booto")
248. "The Mysterious Fireworks" (謎の花火 "Nazo no hanabi")

26 July 17, 2015 March 13, 2018

249. "Ferocious Campsite" (キャンプ場荒し "Kyanpu jiyou arashi")
250. "One Hundred Ghost Stories" (百物語 "Hyakumonogatari")
251. "Eyeball Stalker" (目玉スターカー "Medama sutookaa")
252. "The Blessed Feather" (祝福の羽 "Shukufuku no hane")
253. "The Ring and the Seal" (指輪と印鑑 "Yubiwa to inkan")
254. "The Shinigami Murderer" (死神殺し "Shinigami goroshi")
255. "The Rude Casualty" (粗忽の死者 "Sokotsu no shisha")
256. "The First Mackerel Festival" (第一回サンマ祭り "Dai ikkai sanma matsuri")
257. "Special Guardian Sacred Bird" (特別保護霊鳥 "Tokubetsu hogo reichou")
258. "Neck Man" (首男 "Kubi otoko")

27 September 18, 2015 July 10, 2018

259. "The Hades Promise" (冥界の約束 "Meikai no yakusoku")
260. "Don't Turn Around" (振り向いてはいけない "Furi muite haikenai")
261. "Casette Tape Scream" (カセットテープの悲鳴 "Kasettoto teepu no himei")
262. "The Cold Room" (寒い部屋 "Samui heya")
263. "To Crunch" (噛み砕く "Kamikudaku")
264. "Decoration" (デコレーション "Decoreeshon")
265. "Until the Bell Tolls" (鐘を撞くまで "Kane wo tsukumade")
266. "The Evil Spirit's Legacy" (悪霊の遺産 "Akuryou no isan")
267. "Mystery Hints" (怪異のヒント "Kaii no hinto")
268. "Rumors" (噂 "Uwasa")

28 December 18, 2015 November 13, 2018

269. "The Vicious Dog Capture Supplementary Lesson" (猛犬捕獲補習 "Mouken hokaku hoshuu")
270. "Snowy Stairs" (雪の階段 "Yuki no kaidan")
272. "Apologize at the Family Altar" (仏間で謝れ "Butsuma de ayamare")
273. "The Curse of the Splurge" (散財の呪い "Sanzai no noroi")
274. "The Ash and the Longing" (灰と憧れ "Hai to akogare")
275. "Cinderella Date" (シンデレラデート "Shinderera deeto")
276. "Please Charge It" (チャージしてください "Chaaji shite kudasai")
277. "The Result of Great Effort" (努力の結果 "Doryoku no kekka")
278. "Spring Marriage Interview" (春のお見合い "Haru no omiai")

29 March 18, 2016 March 12, 2019

279. "Talking Mimi-chan" (お話しミミちゃん "Ohanashi Mimi-chan")
280. "Suzu is Missing" (鈴行方不明 "Suzu yukuefumei")
281. "The Black Cat Ritual" (黒猫使役呪法 "Kuno neko shieki juhou")
282. "Mother's Day Present" (母の日のプレゼント "Haha no hi no purezento")
283. "Mirror Man" (鏡男 "Kagami otoko")
284. "The Ideal Smile" (理想の笑顔 "Risou no egao")
285. "The Earlier 30,000 Yen" (三万円の先に "Sanmanen no saki ni")
286. "Revenge" (ふくしゅう "Fukushuu")
287. "Shinigami Prince" (死神王子 "Shinigami ouji")
288. "The Cursed Paper Slip" (呪いの短冊 "Noroi no tanzaku")

30 April 18, 2016

289. "The Goddess of Wisdom" (知恵の女神 "Chie no megami")
290. "The Bell of Love" (愛の鐘 "Ai no kane")
291. "Short Cut" (ショートカット "Shooto katto")
292. "Pigtails Are Disgusting" (おさげむかつく "Osage mukatsuku")
293. "Simulation" (シミュレーション "Shimyureeshon")
294. "The Girl in the Ice" (氷の中の彼女 "Koori no naka no kanojo")
295. "The Teacher and the Balloon" (先生と風船 "Sensei to fuusen")
296. "Show Me Your Back" (背中を見せろ "Senaka wo misero")
297. "Medusa Mask" (メヂューサの仮面 "Medyuusa no kamen")
298. "Turn to Stone!" (石になれ! "Ishi ni nare!")

31 July 15, 2016

299. "The Rusted Holy Sword" (錆びた聖剣 "Sabeta seiken")
300. "Growing Hair" (髪がのびた "Kami ga nobita")
301. "Renge's License" (れんげのライセンス "Renge no raisensu")
302. "Number Chase" (ナンバー追跡 "Nanbaa tsuiseki")
303. "I Want to Believe" (信じたい "Shinjitai")
304. "I Want the Bouquet" (ブーケが欲しい "Buuke ga hoshii")
305. "The Witch's Coven" (魔女の集会 "Majo no shuukai")
306. "Secret Meeting" (集会の秘密 "Shuukai no himitsu")
307. "The Red Weather Hutch" (赤い百葉箱 "Akai hyakuyoubako")
308. "Have a Hot Water Bottle" (湯たんぽをどうぞ "Yutanpo o douzo")

32 September 16, 2016

309. "Beautiful Window" (美しい窓 "Utsukushii mado")
310. "Christmas Exorcism Party" (クリスマス浄霊会 "Kurisumasu jyoureikai")
311. "Black Ceremonial Arrow" (黒い破魔矢 "Kuroi hamaya")
312. "I Want to Bite You" (噛んであげたい "Kandeaketai")
313. "The Maiden's Scythe" (乙女のカマ "Shoujo no kama")
314. "Looking at Something" (なにかが見ている "Nani ka ga mite iru")
315. "Otome's Memory" (乙女の記憶 "Otome no kioku")
316. "The History of the Disappearance" (失踪のいきさつ "Shissou no ikisatsu")
317. "Lies and Truths" (ウソと真実 "Uso to shinjitsu")
318. "White Ghost" (白い霊 "Shiroi rei")

33 October 18, 2016

319. "Kokkurisan" (こっくりさん "Kokkurisan")
320. "The Curse of Calligraphy" (呪いの書 "Noroi no sho")
321. "The Cat Cafe Mystery" (猫カフェの怪 "Neko cafue no kai")
322. "Rare Red" (非凡な赤 "Hibon na aka")
323. "Slasher Film" (心霊フィルム "Shinrei firumu")
324. "Gold Ghost" (金霊 "Kanedama")
325. "Philosopher's Stone" (賢者の石 "Kenjya no ishi")
326. "Mr. Kabakichi" (カバ吉くん "Kabakichi-kun")
327. "The Two Who Did Not Meet" (会えない二人 "Aenai futari")
328. "Whistle and Detergent" (笛と洗剤 "Fue to senzai")

34 December 16, 2016

329. "Ghost Temple Talisman" (幽霊堂のお札 "Yuureidou no osatsu")
330. "Blurred Memo" (にじんだメモ書 "Nijinda memo")
331. "Mr. Kusakari" (草刈さん "Kusakari-san")
332. "Ageha, Go Home" (鳳,家を出る "Ageha ie wo deru")
333. "Spoiled Living" (甘えた生活 "Amaeta seikatsu")
334. "Shortcut Alley" (路地の近道 "Roji no chikamichi")
335. "The Backdoor in the Garden" (庭の裏口 "Niwa no uraguchi")
336. "Curse Words" (呪いの言葉 "Noroi no kotoba")
337. "The Fooling-Around Spot" (浮気の現場 "Uwaki no genba")
338. "Don't Approach the Deck" (デッキに近づくな "Dekki ni chikadukuna")

35 March 17, 2017

339. "Sunflower Maze" (ひまわり迷路 "Himawari meiro")
340. "The Magical Sea Urchin Rice" (魔法のウニライス "Mahou no uni raisu")
341. "The Flour Tragedy" (粉もんの悲劇 "Konamon no higeki")
342. "The Story of Horataro" (ホラ太郎のお話し "Horataro no ohanashi")
343. "Tree of Sin" (罪の木 "Tsumi no ki")
344. "The Price of Love" (愛の値段 "Ai no nedan")
345. "Inn of Memories" (思い出の宿 "Omoide no yado")
346. "Friendship Master" (友情マスター "Yūjō masutā")
347. "Lord Ebisu's Way" (恵比寿様風 "Ebisu-sama fuu")
348. "Spirit Summoning" (精霊召喚 "Seirei shoukan")

36 May 18, 2017

349. "The Black Cat Disappearance" (黒猫失踪 "Kuro neko shissou")
350. "The Mystery of the Black Cat Secret Rally" (黒猫秘密集会の謎 "Kuro neko himitsu shuukai no nazo")
351. "The History of the Black Cat Secret Rally" (黒猫秘密集会の裏歴史 "Kuro neko himitsu shuukai no urarekishi")
352. "Hell Fruit" (地獄の果実 "Jigoku no kajitsu")
353. "Afraid of HOT" (HOTが怖い "HOT ga kowai")
354. "What's Coming Out?" (何が出るかな? "Nani ga deru ka na?")
355. "In the Tree" (ツリーの中に "Tsurii no naka ni")
356. "Good Luck Omikuji" (幸運のおみくじ "Kooun no omikuji")
357. "Staying at Home" (家にいるもの "Ie ni irumono")
358. "How to Use a Hibachi" (火鉢の使い方 "Hibachi no tsukaikata")

37 July 18, 2017

359. "It Rained!" (雨降れ! "Amefure!")
360. "The Lightly Used Bill" (薄汚れた札 "Usu kegareta satsu")
361. "Special Chocolate" (スペシャルなチョコ "Supesyaru na choko")
362. "The Stolen Puzzle Box" (盗まれたからくり箱 "Nusumareta karakuri bako")
363. "I Will Return" (お返しします "Okaeshishimasu")
364. "The Narrow Spirit Path" (狭小霊道 "Kyoushou reidou")
365. "On my Mind" (気になってました "Ki ni Nattemashita")
366. "The Rolling Dog" (転がる犬 "Korogaru Inu")
367. "Ayame's Determination" (あやめの決意 "Ayame no Ketsui")
368. "Cut the Chain" (鎖を切って "Kusari wo Kitte")

38 September 15, 2017

369. "I'm not Afraid" (こわくありません "Kowaku Arimasen")
370. "Putting your affairs in order" (身辺整理 "Shinpen Seiri")
371. "The Narrating Voice" (語る声 "Kataru Koe")
372. "New Friend" (新しい友達 "Atarashii Tomodachi")
373. "Red Bride Church" (赤い花嫁教会 "Akai Hanayome Kyoukai")
374. "This is an Investment" (これは投資だ! "Kore wa tooshi da!")
375. "The Phoenix Scythe" (不死鳥のカマ "Fushichō no Kama")
376. "Crescent Moon Shop Forever" (三日月堂よ永遠に "Mikazukidō yo Towa ni")
377. "Lost in the Pool" (プールの落とし物 "Puuru no Otoshimono")
378. "Future Dress" (未来のワンピース "Mirai no Wanpiisu")

39 November 17, 2017

379. "Confession" (告白 "Kokuhaku")
380. "Fate Reversal" (運命逆転 "Unmei Gyakuten")
381. "Witch's Summer Vacation" (魔女の夏休み "Majo no Natsuyasumi")
382. "Teacher's Future" (先生の未来 "Sensei no Mirai")
383. "The Curse of Mammon" (マモンの呪い "Mammon no Noroi")
384. "Beautiful House" (美しい家 "Utsukushii Ie")
385. "The Person You Love the Most" (最愛の女 "Saiai no Hito")
386. "I Don't Understand Why" (何故だかわからない "Naze da ka Wakaranai")
387. "Rapid Job Growth" (仕事運急上昇 "Shigoto Un Kyuujoushou")
388. "The Shinigami Called Ageha" (鳳という死神 "Ageha to iu Shinigami")

40 January 18, 2018

389. "Usual Feeling" (いつもの感じ "Itsumo no Kanji")
390. "Exorcism Exam" (浄霊検定 "Jourei Kentei")
391. "The Hanging Scroll's Trap" (掛け軸の罠 "Kakejiku no Wana")
392. "Force of Habit" (日頃の行い "Higoro no Okonai")
393. "The Terrible Plan" (恐ろしい計画 "Osoroshii Keikaku")
394. "Counter-current" (逆流 "Gyakuryū")
395. "One more Barrier Stone" (もうひとつの境界石 "Mou Hitotsu no Kyoukai Seki")
396. "Goodbye Rokudo" (さよなら六道くん "Sayonara Rokudo-Kun")
397. "The Sanzu River" (三途の川 "Sanzu no Kawa")
398. "The Wheel of Reincarnation" (輪廻の輪 "Rinne no Wa")

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