Naomi Yuki (優木ナオミ) is the student council president in Sankai High.


She has purple eyes and brown short hair.


As she grew up to look like her mother Rinko, the spirit of her aunt Ranko appeared wandering around the neighborhood, doing bad deeds such as painting graffiti in walls, for she had an important message she wanted to give that she could not remember. And as she was visible to people, the students of Sankai High mistook her for Naomi, who then suffers a wrong reputation.

Nevertheless, everyone discovers that Naomi is not Ranko. And as Rinne and Sakura figure everything about her, Ranko gets to remember the message she wanted to give, and so apologizes to Naomi, believing her to be Rinko, and Naomi, pretending to be Rinko since she and her father Yuki were on vacation, tells her not to worry, allowing her to resolve her regret.


  • Both she and her aunt pretended to be Rinko.