The Nine-Tailed Fox (九尾の狐 Kyūbi no kitsune) is a wicked yōkai that escaped from the Mortal Census Bureau, a hundred years after being captured by Shinigami Tamako.


He has white fur, yellow eyes, and nine tails.


Like a typical Fox Spirit, he is a sly and trickster fox.


After having lived a long life, the Nine-Tailed Fox turned evil. It was adept to sorcery, deceiving people and creating trouble all the time. 100 years ago, Tamako hunted it down and sent it to the spirit cleansing room at the Mortal Census Bureau. He thus held a deep grudge against her, swearing to curse her descendants a hundred years later, and his spirit could hardly be cleansed.

A hundred years have passed, and he escaped from the Mortal Census Bureau. Bent on cursing Tamako's grandson Rinne, he went to possess Tsubasa, who used it as an excuse to settle his own grudge. But with the help of Shirushigami Kain, Rinne was able to defeat it by sending it back to the Mortal Census Bureau washing machine.


  • In Japanese folklore, foxes are said to be wise, and the wiser they are, the more tails they have, with the maximum number of tails a fox spirit can have being 9. Ironically, this fox spirit is shown to be rather unintelligent.