The Pumpkin Damashigami (カボチャ堕魔死神) is a Damashigami, who appears during a festival at Sankai High.


He initially dresses in old fashion clothing and has a pumpkin for a head.


The Pumpkin Damashigami met the spirit of Kimura in Kyoukai, and as he took interest in his handsome face, swapped heads to seduce and lure girls to his dimension.

He dragged all the girls, who knew Kimura in Middle School including Mari, into his dimension, and uses his illusion skill to entertain them with wind-up dolls carrying Kimura’s head. However, Rinne had sent him a love letter to make him come back, and cross-dressed as a maid in hopes of getting kidnapped so that he can rescue the lost girls. Upon arriving at his dimension, Rinne used a tool that revealed the dolls and swapped back the heads, and as Kimura prompted the girls to forget about him, the Pumpkin Damashigami exploded.


  • He can steal a person's face and knowledge, and be visible to the ones who knew that person, and remain invisible to others who don't.
  • Illusionary Skill
  • He uses pumpkins as weapons.


  • There's a longer fight between him and Rinne in the anime.

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