Raito (来兎) is the business manager of the Crescent Moon Shop (三日月堂 Mikazukido), and the eldest twin of Refuto.


Raito has white rabbit ears sprouting from her short white hair (light pink with a cream top in the anime), and a white rabbit-like tail. She has a very pale skin complexion, and red eyes.

When attracting clients, she is usually seen wearing a pink leotard and pink boots, both decorated with pink pompoms (yellow in the anime), and also wears bands of pompoms of the same color as a choker and as armbands in the height of her shoulders. She has also been seen wearing a blue kimono with a yellow area around her left shoulder, along with a white han juban and an orange obi, while not working.


Raito is usually calm, but gets easily annoyed, mainly with her brother's attitude. Though she means well, she is shrewd, going as far as tricking and forcing Rinne to do something for their profit; and seizing any profitable opportunity.


Raito became the business manager of the Crescent Moon Shop, which has been in business for 4000 years in scythe sharpening, when her twin brother Refuto succeeded as the 4th generation master, after his predecessor the 3rd generation master went to the Wheel of Reincarnation after 700 years of trade. However, the store has fallen in hard times because of her brother’s inexperience and poor attitude, and so she was desperate trying to attract clients.

She lured Rinne to the store and convinced him to let her brother sharp his scythe in hope of increasing their reputation and keeping their business going.

She and Refuto would still try to come up with ways to make their business thrive, and would still make contact with Rinne to either sell him or ask him to try new products, and as they are desperate for their business, they can be sly, seizing any opportunity for their profit. But their attempts mostly result in failure, causing their new products to be discontinued and their business to sometimes end in suspension.[1]



She cares deeply for her younger brother, and tries her best to attract customers for him. However, she gets constantly annoyed with her brother's rude attitude, and constantly berates him for it, also claiming to customers that "he talks too much".



  • "Greet your customers, you tuuuuuurd" (お客さんにあいさつせんかいボケーーーーーっ!!) - Chapter 120, to Refuto


  • Her name has the same reading as the English word "right" when written in Japanese (ライト), while her brother's name would be "left".



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