He's a spirit who loved ramen and opened a ramen shop called Kaedama.


He has sparkling green eyes.


He loved ramen and spent years overworking restlessly to fulfill his dream of opening a ramen shop. But the day before its opening, he collapsed of stress and passed away. His spirit remained, haunting the shop as he wishes to serve ramen and make customers happy.

Sabato and Bijin planned to use the vacant ramen shop for a vile scheme, only for the spirit to possess Sabato and open the shop. And so the earnest, hardworking spirit forces the shameless lazy Sabato, to make ramen all day to serve to hungry kids, much to Rinne’s surprise and Sabato’s dismay. When Rinne speaks to the spirit who promises he'll happily go on to the next world if he can borrow a body and cook for 100 years, Sabato seizes the chance to avoid being possessed and use the spirit for a scheme, but Rinne outsmarts Sabato, who then gets repossessed until 500 cups of ramen are made, to satisfy the spirit who moved on.