Ranko (ラン子) is the twin sister of Rinko.


She has light Purple hair, purple eyes and red lipsticks, and is still wearing the school uniform she was wearing the day she died.


Ranko and Rinko were twin sisters. Ranko was a delinquent, while Rinko was a good student. Around 25 years ago, in her 3rd year in High School, she knew Rinko had a crush for Yūki. She sent him a love letter in Rinko’s name, and pretending to be her went to meet him, in hopes of teasing the boy while she actually loved him as well. But as his song for her was awful, she became angry and kicked him, insulting his song-writing abilities. The next day, she was still angry and left the house with her umbrella and got into an accident. She remained in a coma for 3 years and eventually died. As her niece Naomi Yūki grew up to look like her sister, her spirit appeared holding onto her umbrella, wandering around the neighborhood, doing bad deeds such as painting graffiti in walls. But she could not remember her regret, and as she was unaware that she died and had an important message she wanted to give, she was visible to people. And the students of Sankai High who saw her mistook her for Naomi, who then suffers a wrong reputation.

Nevertheless, everyone discovers that Naomi is not Ranko. And as Rinne and Sakura figure everything about her, she realizes that she was worried that Yūki would have the wrong idea about Rinko after pretending to be her (although Rinko and Yūki actually got married). She apologizes to Naomi, believing her to be Rinko, and Naomi, pretending to be Rinko since she and her father were on vacation, tells her not to worry, allowing her to resolve her regret. After taking a final look at Rinko and Yūki who is still awful at singing, Rinne takes her to the Wheel of Reincarnation.


  • In the anime, Tamako participates in clearing up the mystery of Ranko’s unfinished business.