Reiji Todoriki (轟レイジ Todoriki Reiji) is a student of Sankai High, and is Suzu's boyfriend and Tomoya's best friend.


He has grey hair and green eyes, and as a spirit kept wearing his red and white jacket featuring 2 birds in the front and one big bird in the back.


On the day of his girlfriend Suzu Minami’s birthday, he bought matching rings that she wanted, but on the way to pick her up by motorcycle, he hit his head on a street phone pole and fell in a coma. His spirit left his body to search for them, and remained at the street phone pole, trying to remember what he had lost.

As part of his revenge against Rinne, Masato manipulates him into tormenting Suzu and his best friend Tomoya Tadano, by making him believe they started dating. After many torments including rolling over Tomoya, Suzu begun to feel disgusted of him, and when Rinne lifted Masato’s curse on him, Reiji felt remorseful renouncing the living world, allowing Masato to trap his spirit in a bottle and take him to Hell. Rinne went to his rescue, while Sakura and Rokumon found and brought the gift back to the hospital, where Suzu and Tomoya then bursts into tears, next Reiji's comatose body. Reiji's soul is saved, and upon seeing his left hand carrying his matching ring, he returned to his body, awoke and was forgiven by both his girlfriend and best friend.


  • His last name means roaring.
  • His romance with Suzu is more explored in the anime.

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