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Rika Momoi (桃井 リカ Momoi Rika?) is a fellow classmate and friend of Sakura and Miho.


She has short light brown hair, round grey eyes, and fair skin complexion.

She is mostly seen in her high school uniform which varies according to seasons, and is often seen in different outfits such as bathing suit, yukata and regular clothes.


Rika is a playful girl. When she goes out with boys, she compulsively asks them to buy expensive stuff for her. She has some interest in the occult, but is easily scared and quick to get away when something mysterious happens.


She and Miho are mostly seen together, along with Sakura. She sometimes gets involved in occult activities, and she and Miho tend to run away in fear, whenever they encounter a strange phenomenon, without Sakura who stays unafraid.

Her first brush with the occult comes when she inherits a haunted phone number that has been floating around for years, and it gets fixed by Rinne who had just started to attend class and suggest making use of the instrument shelter at Sankai High.[1]

She fell victim of a Damashigami having the appearance of a salesman, who offers mechanical pencils which make its user smarter. Once she got a perfect score on a test thanks to it, she along with many students were dragged by the Salesman to his workshop, but they were saved by Rinne and Ageha.[2]

She naively bought a cheap second-hand coat at a flea market, which attracts a mannequin by the time somebody wears it, and left it to Rinne to resolve its problem, though he expects her to pay him for it.[3]

Once, while studying for a test at Tsubasa’s house, both she and Miho surprisingly took interest in a ghost named Minerva sent by Tsubasa’s father and chased after her instead of running away as usual, in hope of becoming smart since she has the name of the “Goddess of Wisdom”, only to learn that she’s the spirit of a smart monkey.[4]

In the final story, she and Miho were surprised that Rinne paid all his debts to Sakura, but then, upon seeing a distressed Sakura sighing and realizing the reason being that he supposedly broke up with her, thought he was cold-hearted and asked their teacher Annette, who learns thanks to her scrying orb that Rinne and Sakura hugged strongly, which was a relief to them.[5]


Sakura Mamiya


Rinne Rokudō

Tsubasa Jūmonji


  • “Gyaaaaa, Scaryyyyy” (きゃーっ、こわいーっ!!) – Whenever she and Miho run away


  • Her surname was revealed only in the anime.[6]



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