Rina Mizuki (水月 リナ) is a ghostly girl who's desire for fame keeps her anchored to the mortal world.


She has green eyes, long pink coral hair featuring one barrette one each side, and wears a light blue swimsuit with white borders and a purple big bead bracelet on her left hand.


Rina is a gravure idol, who during her debut event at the public swimming pool, tripped and fell from the diving board to her death. Her spirit remained, wishing for attention, and she would constantly appear on the top of the diving board shouting, though nobody could see or hear her, especially since her microphone is broken, and would get her photograph taken with whomever is currently shooting photos.

Rinne arranged to have smiling faces over her, and she got to pass on along with the spirit of a boy she considers her type.


  • Her case would be mixed with the case of the haunted house at the amusement park in the anime version, and she would perform different actions as she encounters Tsubasa before Rinne.