Rubber Boat Ghost (ゴムボートの幽霊, Gomubooto no Yuurei) was a young woman who drowned at the beach.


She has a pink bandana over her long beige hair, and is wearing red earrings and a swimsuit.



She was attracted to a lifeguard with suntan who, much to her annoyance, was popular with girls and had a girlfriend. She would nevertheless try to get him to date her, by taking a rubber boat out into the shore and pretending to be in trouble to be rescued by him. However, a man of the sea in a nearby boat saw her and also swam to her rescue, so the girl swam away until she became exhausted and ended up drowning. Her spirit lingered, still hoping to be rescued by a man with suntan, and her overactive imagination and the memories prior to her death created a phantom of the man of the sea which annoyed her everyday. As she became a nuisance to lifeguards, they sought Rinne’s help. However, Tsubasa having gotten tanned ends up being the one who fulfills her desire and takes her out of the shore, so she could pass on.