Taichi (タイチ) is one of Hiroshi Nekota's friends in Elementary School. He is also friends with Yūji and Kōji.



While walking back home from cram school, he and his friends were on the roll, telling scary stories, and as they came across a shrine which contains two Bakenekos Akamaru and Toramaru sealed, he and Hiroshi argued over what animal ghost was inside of it and ended up busting it to check, which allowed the two Bakenekos to be freed and imprison the 4 boys in the shrine. Akamaru took the appearance of Taichi and lived in his house. Nevertheless, Sakura and Rokumon discover the boys’ situation, and Rinne frees them by luring the 2 Bakenekos back to the shrine. The boys then kindly pay Rinne ¥1000, which he uses to repair his scythe.