Tama (タマ?) is Renge Shima's black cat by contract.


Tama is an elderly humanoid black cat with short stature. She has a beige wrinkled face and also beige hands; only her ears are black. She also has yellow eyes and dark grey hair tied into a small bun at the lower back of her head. She dresses like a maid, with a black dress with juliet-style sleeves over a white dress, a pink frilled apron and a white bonnet-like headpiece.


She is very obedient.


A hundred years ago, she participated in the Black Cat Secret Meeting, and was entrusted a box that contained the records of that meeting for being the youngest black cat.

She makes her first appearance when her Damashigami master established herself in a room in the abandonned club building at Sankai High, and received the help of Rokumon while bringing her belongings. She had been instructed by Renge to give Servant Tea to her neighbor Rinne as a gift, for her plan to enslave him and make him do bad deeds for her, although her plan backfired since Rokumon used a small amount of tea, thanks to their broke lifestyle. She would keep serving her master.

When the next Black Cat Secret Meeting took place, she brought the box to allow the Black Cats to know the purpose of this meeting, and avoided suffering from the winning prize, along with Kuromitsu, Kuroboshi and Kuroboshi III.[1]


Renge Shima



  • "Yes~~ I'm Tama~~" (はい〜〜タマですよ〜〜) - Chapter 303


  • Her voice actress provided the voice of the character Gyoko from Ranma ½.
  • Her name is revealed in chapter 303, while in the anime, it is revealed in her episode debut.



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