Toichi (トイチ?) is an evil entity, made up of many weaker spirits he has absorbed, with a ¥100,000 bounty.


He has a simple round shape in purple color and has red eyes and 2 antennas at the top.


He prays on weak spirits, lending power for exorbitant prices, and if one weak spirit can’t pay the bill when the time comes to, he would absorb it.

He came across Hanako’s spirit wandering aimlessly in the sky, after being driven out of the bathroom of her elementary school by Tsubasa 5 years ago, and he would contribute her revenge when she found Tsubasa having recently enrolled in Sankai High, seeking to absorb her after she continually borrows his power.

Upon hearing that Toichi would absorb Hanako-san and turn her into an evil spirit, Tsubasa attacks the giant spirit, only for it to divide into smaller bits. Rinne leaves Hanako with Sakura and Tsubasa, as Rokumon gives Rinne his formerly hocked Shinigami scythe. Rinne purifies the first Toichi piece, which surprises Tsubasa, so Toichi goes for Hanako, but Tsubasa apologizes to her and pulls a Bible out and clubs Toichi with it, allowing Rinne to purify it.


  • His name means "ten percent interest every ten days", a pun on the spiritual interest he accrues by loaning out his power to weaker ghosts.
  • His appearance is similar to that of a Ghastly from Pokémon.