Usui (臼井?) is a ghost, once a sickly student who had a crush on Sakura Mamiya's friend Miho.


He has brown short hair, wears glasses and remained in the Sankai High school uniform.


He knew Miho from Middle School and wanted to get closer to her, so he took the entrance exam for Sankai High, but fell sick and passed away before the first day of class.

He was attacked by Tsubasa who just got transferred to Sankai High, but managed to contact Rinne for help.

In order for him to pass on, Rinne allowed him to use his Haori and presented him to Miho, telling her that he’d like to go on a date with her before being admitted to the hospital. Since Miho didn’t know Usui very well, she suggested a double date, and Sakura accepted going with Tsubasa to make sure he does not attack Usui. Along with Rinne and Rika, they spent their date at the amusement park and was able to pass on, thanking Rinne.


  • Usui is similar to the character Nozomi from Urusei Yatsura. They're both ghosts who go on dates with their crush at an amusement park and pass on during a fireworks show.