That Wig (カツラ), or so it appears to be, is a Tsukumogami that won’t rest until it plays its role in a play at Sankai High.


It's a simple yellow tail.


It was promised a role in a school play, but its part ended up being cut and it was kept in the Drama Club’s storeroom. One day, as the members were tidying up, it was thrown away in the trash as it was old. However, it gained a soul, having become angry for having cut its role, and would haunt the Drama Club, throwing itself on the head of any member. After figuring the play was Cinderella, the Drama Club had to put on a production of Cinderella to give it another chance to shine. As every female Drama Club member refused to wear it, it stared at Sakura who accepted. And while performing, the wig and Sakura realize that it’s actually a tail of a fake horse, which was cut due to the stage being too crowded with the carriage to accommodate it, and so by using the fake horse, the tail was laid to rest.


  • In the anime, its story would happen during the Sankai High Festival, in which the case of the Pumpkin Damashigami occurs.