The Wrong-Number ghost (間違い電話霊) is a former student of Sankai High named Suzuki, who calls a certain phone number every day demanding a meeting at 4pm behind the gym.



7 years ago, his tracksuit was accidentally taken by future PE Coach Suzuki, since they both have the same name. As this tracksuit had an embroidery from the girl he dated, he called Suzuki while riding his bicycle and told him to come behind the gym at 4pm to give it back, but a potted plant fell from a building, hitting him on the head and killing him. As he regretted not getting his tracksuit back, his spirit lingered, recalling and reliving that incident over and over every day. Suzuki preserved his tracksuit but, as he got creeped out by his repetitive call, he cancelled his number, which got passed around and around until it was assigned to Rika’s new cell phone.

As Rika gets creeped out as well by the repetitive call, Rinne along with Sakura located and helped him get his tracksuit (though Rinne could hardly let go of it as Suzuki offered it to him), allowing him to pass on and to stop calling.


  • “Be behind the gym at 4pm! Don’t be late!” (てめー4時に体育館裏に来い!てめー4時に体育館裏に来い!遅れんなよ!) – Chapter 2 and 3