Yōta (ヨータ?) is a child spirit who used to be Sakura Mamiya's elementary school classmate.


He has the short size of a typical school boy with spiky brown hair pointing upwards.


He was a show-off and pervert, but he had a caring side, as shown when he became a bound spirit because he hadn't returned the stolen yo-yo to Sakura.


As an elementary school student, Yōta abused his yo-yo skills to tease his unskilled classmates and make girls cry by flipping their skirts, but Sakura would use her own yo-yo skills to counter him and protect the girls. Angered, he would try to make her cry many times but to no avail, so he took and buried Sakura's yo-yo under the schoolyard tree called Haunted Cedar, where Tsubasa had buried his power stone before being transferred to another school. But he died in an accident, and his spirit remained at the Haunted Cedar, for he wishes to give Sakura her yo-yo back like he planned to. And a nameless evil spirit came, possessed Yota and used the power stone to become powerful.

When Tsubasa invited Sakura to go back to her elementary school to dig up his power stone, Yota showed up attacking them, and Sakura recognized him. After a fierce fight, Rinne separated the evil spirit from Yota and purified it, and when Sakura finds her yo-yo, Yota was able to move on.


As a possessed spirit, he can wield a large demonic yo-yo.


As an elementary school child and a possessed spirit, he had formidable yo-yo skills and many yo-yo techniques with many names.


  • "Yōta" is a common male name in Japan, but due to being written in Katakana, Yōta's name has no meaning. It might be a reference to "yo-yo" (ヨーヨー).